Visit of STAL Technology Pilot Plant in Indonesia

AEN Raw Materials team traveled to Indonesia to meet the company Trinitan Group.

The main aim if the visit was to introduced the STAL technology (commercial, technical, operational). Caribbean Nickel Group provided nickel samples from Cuba for laboratory testing. Trinitan Group presented and discussed the advantages of STAL Technology to CEH, AEN, and CN. Additionally, a technical Q&A session was conducted with Nickel and Geology experts from AEN/CN alongside the TG team. 
This collaborative engagement demonstrates the commitment of industry leaders to explore innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of resource management. The meeting paves the way for further discussions and potential collaborations, with a focus on harnessing the capabilities of STAL Technology. 
AEN Raw Materials, together with its partners, aims to leverage the potential of STAL Technology and drive positive advancements in the utilization of natural resources for a greener and more sustainable future. For more information click here.