Renewable energy

Critical raw materials are key enablers of the green and digital transition. Currently they represent critical importance to preserving the global competitiveness of the EU’s most strategic economic sectors as they are fundamental for the EU to develop its own strategic autonomy, and to re-industrialise key European ecosystems.

According to the latest statistical projections, the strategic ecosystems could create up to 32 million jobs in Europe by 2030. However, securing these jobs requires a skilled workforce, innovative approaches and strategic investment across the raw materials value chain in Europe. 

In recent years, critical minerals have become a priority shared issue globally. With growing global demand and increasing geopolitical instability, discussions on cooperation are intensifying. The EU is a major importer of these minerals, and its dependence on foreign sources creates vulnerabilities in its supply chain. Therefore, we are seeking to diversify its sources.


Community and social policy

The aim of AEN RM is to  create strong and sustainable economic and social opportunities  and  to  protect and strengthen the communities where the project is operating 

Labour work policy

We emphasize the fair and respectful treatment of our employees, partners, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants and other third parties acting on our behalf,  as we consider it as fundamental to the continued growth and success of the group

Sustainable development and environment policy

The aim of AEN RM is to maintain a sustainable mining  manner that minimizes environmental impact, protects natural resources and to  ensure the safety of workers in the extractive sector

Small hydropower plants

To ensure green electricity for the needs of the mine in San Felipe, we arecollaborating on the development of 13 small hydropower plants in Cuba with a total installed capacity of 10 MW.

Off grid mobile containers

With automatic battery management systems and power control systems energy mobile containers will  provide a completely autonomous ,green, stable and safe power source on the deposit location.