AEN Raw Materials is a Berlin-based company with close ties to the European Industry. Furthermore, we are building partnerships across the globe.

Mining faces the challenge of renewal, both process- and sustainability wise. AEN Raw Materials therefore focuses on its digital strategy, automating processes across the mining value chain. Moreover, we are dedicated to sustainability, closely working with our partners to minimize the CO2 footprint of the whole supply chain. 

Why AEN Raw Materials

We offer an excellent customer understanding, accessing benchmarks and best practices in order to navigate through the transformation challenges and opportunities of our time. Together with our partners, we realize sustainable results with measurable success. We think in an entrepreneurial way delivering impactful and sustainable solutions in mining. AEN Raw Materials strictly adheres to advanced land rehabilitation techniques, coupled with low-impact mining methods and reuse of mine waste.

AEN Raw Materials connects experts across the supply chain, globally-resulting in innovative and disruptive solutions. Experts from different industries benefit from each other by sharing not only best practices and benchmarks, but also through cross-sectoral cooperation. In addition, our close relationship to top universities leverages the scientific approach, enabling also a close cooperation with scientists to ensure low-impact and sustainable mining.